Permanent Cosmetics 
by JudithMax
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Permanent Cosmetics 

A Personal Touch by JudithMax

    Renew, Refine and Enhance your facial features with Permanent Makeup and start enjoying the benefits today!

Having fresh looking perfectly placed make-up all the time can raise yourself-esteem and boost self-confidence; it allows you to have a more active lifestyle and most importantly it saves you time." Permanent Cosmetics isa great solution for women who want to wake up with makeup, and have it stay perfect all day…

    Partial list of Procedures:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner
  • Lash Enhancement
  • Lip-liner
  • Full-lip color
  • Color Correction
  • Beauty Marks
  • Touch-ups
  • Scar Camouflage
  • Scalp Shading
  • Cleft Lip
  • Alopecia
        Reasons to Consider: 
  • Convenience and saves time
  • Allergies to conventional cosmetics
  • Arthritis, unsteady hands
  • Contact lenses or visual impairment
  • Loss of hair or Alopecia 
  • An active Lifestyle
  • Difficulty Applying
  • Prefers a natural appearance
  •  Thyroid issues or Chemotherapy
  • Scars resulting for accident or surgery

Permanent Cosmetic is also known as Micro-pigmentation; it is the art of using pigment color to tattoo permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color as well as other forms of Medical tattoo procedures.

Medical Tattooing procedures include; camouflage scarring on the face or other parts of the body, Cleft Lip, Scalp Shading and
Scalp Camouflage for men who have a had hair transplant.
The process of Micro-pigmentation has been used and endorsed for years by Plastic Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatologist; they embrace these procedures as non-surgical “cures”.

Permanent makeup for eyebrows ends the hassle of drawing brows evenly or correctly every day, for eyeliner it puts an end to irritated eyes from the topical eyeliner, smeared off or smudges and for lips it puts an end to unwanted transfer of lipstick color to objects and people.