Eyebrows are the most defining feature of the face. They naturally frame your face, emphasize your eyes, and are pivotal in giving symmetry to the face...

Having perfectly-shaped brows can make all the difference; they can accentuate your expression, brighten and open the eye area and even give a natural lift to your face.



Permanent Cosmetics 
by JudithMax
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  Choosing the right brow can be a challenge at times if your brows are sparse, fair, lack shape, been over-tweezed, or just had a bad wax job.  Creating a perfect natural-looking brow can be impossible and is both frustrating and disheartening.  Over time you can forget what your brows might have looked liked and as a result spend hours trying to create a brow that fits your face and in most cases it’s not a brow that flatters your face or enhances your features. 

With Micro-pigmentation you can toss those brow pencils and powders.  If your brows are too light in color, if you have a gap in your brows due to a scar or even if your brows are non-existent, with the help of micro-pigmentation you won’t have to worry about smudging brows or reapplying throughout your day.

With celebrities making an impact with their perfect makeup as seen in the top style magazines, brows always provide an important focus for the latest looks in makeup. No matter what state your brows are in, you can now experience beautiful and  natural-looking permanently tattoed brows created with a Personal Touch by JudithMax .

Judith has come to believe that no two set of brows are alike.  Creating a beautiful brow will depend on the shape of the face and in following what is already naturally there.  Even if you don’t have much hair to follow, your bone structure and eyes will tell where your brows should be.  After you have approved the shape of your choice, color is carefully selected and customized to match your natural skin tone and hair color.