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Permanent Cosmetics by JudithMax in Oakhurst NJ

Lovely Lip Color

Full Lip color

 If your goal is fuller lips, then the “Full Lip” treatment is a wonderful solution.  A combination of lip liner and lip color can be customized and mixed to a color you prefer similar to your favorite lipstick. 

Usually one procedure typically will produce a light/medium result while two procedures produce a medium/dark result. Results vary depending on color applied and the amount of pigment implanted.  

Lip Liner

Lip liner and full lip color is perfect for defining a natural lip line, correcting a symmetry, reshaping uneven lips, and/or making lips appear larger and fuller.

Enhance your lips...

 Permanent makeup can enhance your current lip shape or lip shade.  Fuller lips can be achieved without the use of fillers using permanent makeup, however if you currently use fillers you may want to define your lip borders and enhance your color. 

Lips are a major facial feature...

In our youth lips are soft, full and have a great natural tone.  As the aging process begins we start to lose the shape, fullness and color of our lips.  Surveys suggest that lips are the facial feature men are interested in most after the eyes.